Dental Operating Microscopes Support Successful Treatment

What Is A Dental Operating Microscope?

Dental operating microscopes greatly magnify the inside of your tooth during endodontic treatment, making it much easier for our doctors to see and identify unhealthy dental pulp. Using a dental operating microscope improves everything from diagnosis to post-endodontic management, ensuring that you get the best treatment possible. Advanced Endodontics of Texas uses only Zeiss microscopes to provide the best optics for your treatment.

How Are They Used?

Endodontic procedures are generally performed at a magnification level between 2.5x and 20x. When looking at such large images of a tooth, it is possible to classify cracks and fractures, as well as extra canals, in a tooth that would not be visible to the naked eye. More and more dentists across different specializations are making use of this amazing piece of equipment.

Only The Best For Patients Of Advanced Endodontics of Texas

Here at Advanced Endodontics of Texas, our first priority is to provide our patients with the best endodontic experience, and the equipment we use is an important part of what makes that possible. If you are in need of endodontic treatment, call us at 817-562-4141 to schedule a consultation.